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To date, the best selling Blue Q magnet, car air freshener and gum package is Cat Butt. Developed in 2001 when Blue Q head honcho Mitch Nash asked Modern Dog to do something funny in the pet department – with either dogs or cats. Having been a proud cat owner in the past, Mike naturally came up with this idea and did the naming, art direction and design for the entire line. Furry, fun and friendly, the product line has been a pop culture phenomena profiled in numerous magazines and newspapers around the country while netting Blue Q well over a million dollars in profits with no end in sight. The products have been spotted as far away as Japan, Mexico and Norway, and it’s a good example how our “low brow” humor crosses over into many different cultures. Someone even told us they saw them in an episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. We make commission on the Cat Butt products so we are very happy too. The line also includes coasters, stickers and raspberry sour candy which includes a “Handy Cat Butt Glossary” written on the back of the package.

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