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The Mercer business model: bring contemporary fashion – mostly jeans and t-shirts – to women 25 to 50 years old who are on the go, and give them a shopping alternative that is both convenient and fun. Owner Scott Bonomo told us that if Mercer were a car, it would be a restored 356 Porsche Speedster. (We nodded our heads pretending we knew what he meant. Truthfully though, we think that’s a cool analogy.) He also told us he likened the Mercer brand to an old New York City warehouse district sign or a French bakery. We included comps pulled from our first round of exploration for you to see, as well as the final identity as applied to outdoor signage. Mercer now has five locations in Washington and California. We’re so happy to see Mercer thrive!

Mercer Window

Mercer Logo Comps