Old Records Never Die: The Mott The Hoople / Ian Hunter Anthology

Shout! Factory




Mott the Hoople were an English rock band well known for being a part of the popular glam rock scene of the mid-70's. The lead singer/songwriter, Ian Hunter, continued on for many years as a solo artist. This compilation is the only one to cover both phases of Ian Hunter’s legendary career. Shout! asked for an illustrated solution, and because Ian’s hair and glasses are so iconic, that’s were we started. You can check out the project’s progress on the Shout! site. This 2-CD set features Mott the Hoople’s notorious hit, "All the Young Dudes" written by their fan and friend, David Bowie – which was also featured in the soundtrack of "Juno". (While going to college in Bellingham, Mike and Robynne were big fans and used to play MTH on their radio shows in the mid 80′s.)

Mott The Hoople